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IDI Study Day "Automated Endoscope Reprocessor & Instrument Washer Final Rinse Water Analysis" 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 / 10:00 - 14:00
Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin, Ireland

The IDI is pleased to announce that its first Educational Event for 2018 takes place in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin from 10am to 2pm on Sat 24th March:

Speaker - Daniel Parra, Quality Manager at Endoval Ltd.

Title - Automated Endoscope Reprocessor & Instrument Washer Final Rinse Water Analysis

The educational talk will comprise the following sections:

1. - Why is it important to monitor AER & W/D final rinse water?
2. - How to take final rinse water samples from an AER & W/D?
3. - Selecting the appropriate sample container for each test.
4. - Preparation and transportation of water samples to the laboratory.
5. - Interpretation of results from test reports.

The Irish Association of Sterile Services Managers was established in 1989 and changed its name to Irish Decontamination Institute in January 2011. Its aim is to ensure its members are up to date with developments in sterile services and to network this information to hospital sterile service departments throughout Ireland. It continues to fullfil this aim by spearheading a revolution in sterilization thought, the organizing of conferences and study days, and the dissemination of information in decontamination and sterilization. Currently, it has representation on the board of the World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS) and the World Federation and was founding member of the EFHSS.

The IDI has been acknowledged nationally and internationally as a leading organization associated with decontamination and sterilization. Nationally, the IDI continues to promote education in decontamination and sterilization through its involvement with the Institute of Technology, Tallaght course set up in 2000. Internationally, in 2002 the IDI was given the honor of hosting the EFHSS Conference 2002 which was attended by over 300 delegates world wide, and proved to be a great success. Many local and international speakers are now world experts in decontamination and sterilization.

With the advent of new medical device technology and increasing demands from sterile service departments, it is becoming more important that the IDI continues to grow nationally and internationally to meet the ever increasing challenges.

Tony McLoughlin
IDI Chairperson
Paschal Kent
IDI Vice Chairperson